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Thursday, October 15, 2020
The astute observer will realize that this site has been in limbo for a long time. I apologize for that, but the lack of feedback suggested to me that perhaps it has outlived its usefulness.

I also was far from convinced that my old Mac software still works. This is a test to see if it does. My plan had been to upgrade to some new software that would be easier to use and offer more options for everyone’s interest and convenience.

We’ll see what happens with that!

And of course the Covid Pandemic has wrecked just about everything in the last nine months that feel like years.

Meanwhile, if you are here, please send me a quick email! Thoughts, hopes, comments, whatever!

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Old stuff is below and on subsequent pages.

The main topic of discussion these days are the vastly inadequate plans proposed by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories for the Chalk River plant. The OFWCA has taken a very strong stance against them and hopes to enlist the support of all cottagers and residents in the entire western and southern Quebec and eastern Ontario in fighting this proposal. See this page.

Follow the links at the top of the page and see what’s here for Sheeners and members of the Old Fort William Cottagers’ Association. The other pages will change from time to time, but this one won’t, so we hope you will bookmark it.

Please note that this is not an official site of either the Municipality of Sheenboro or the OFWCA.

You will find the Sheenboro Municipal website at

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A page on shoreline regulations. This is important stuff! See link at top or click here!

See important notice about Fires!

There is a page of maps of Sheenboro!

Check out the old hand-drawn Ottawa River charts; you can download the entire booklet.

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