We discussed some of the various rules and regulations that apply to our shorelines at the 2011 Old Fort William Cottagers’ Association meeting. I agreed to post some materials that would help our residents and cottagers to get a handle on what these regulations entail.

Disclaimer and legal bailout clause: Don’t rely on these materials as your only source of knowledge. They are incomplete and may be out of date, though our guess is that regs will only become more stringent and penalties more severe. These files are intended to give you an idea of what’s going on in the regulatory department. You should consult with Sheen’s Building Inspector or go online to the Quebec government and do your own research.

This page is a work in progress; we will be adding other materials from time to time. If you find links or materials of interest, please advise me (link below) and I will be happy to include them.

Added: link at bottom of page that gives you one single PDF file with all of these materials. That will be much easier and be much smaller to download.

Quebec One-Page summary:

Here is a PDF of a summary of Quebec provincial regulations regarding what you can and cannot do with your shores. It is necessarily abridged and undetailed, but it should provide you with a general idea of your latitude for changes. It was distributed with the Sheenboro Municipal newsletter, SheenLines, that was published in April 2005.

Quebec Government Shore Regulations

QueGovt Shoreline regs.pdf


Below we have excerpted some of our articles that have appeared in our newsletter, ShoreLines, over the years. They are all in PDF form.

2010 ShoreLines

ShoreLines 201007a LawsBeachesShore.pdf

2008 ShoreLines

ShoreLines 2008 Shores.pdf

2007 ShoreLines

ShoreLines 2007 Shores.pdf

2006 ShoreLines

ShoreLines 200606 Riverkeeper.pdf

2004 ShoreLines

ShoreLines 200406 Environment.pdf

2003 ShoreLines

ShoreLines 200304 Environment.pdf

Here is a link to a single PDF file with all of the above materials: Shoreline Articles Sm.pdf

And here are some photos of how shores used to look.

Shore Regulations