Sometime in the mid-1950s, my family picked up a book of old River charts in Pembroke; I think it came from either Plummer or Cockburn and Archer. It was a reprint of a set of undated charts, “from a print supplied by John A. Cockburn.” The cover refers to the previous “old” 1907 chart. AECL is not shown on this chart, though Deep River is on the map; the Plant was probably still considered “secret” at the time, but clearly the chart was drawn after the mid-’40s when Deep River was founded. For many years it was the only chart we had.

There exists another version of a hand-drawn chart, with comments and historical notes. I will hunt that up sometime and scan it. Meanwhile, enjoy this booklet. Click on the picture below to download a PDF file of all of the charts and the covers, which include some great ads.

Old Ottawa River Charts