This is one of the freebie giveaways when the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission was in Sheenboro in April 2017. It is up to all of us to keep this “Shopping-Bag Mission Statement” in the forefront during all discussions about matters at the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories.

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Current Status of Issues with CNL

Sent as a Cottager Bulletin on January 9, 2018

Here is another one of our news-filled Bulletins to fill you in further about what you need to know about the latest news regarding our neighbours up the River.

Note the three sections below:

We are covering the License Hearings in Pembroke for the CNL, information regarding the public submission regarding the Decommissioning of the Rolphton Nuclear Demonstration Plant (NPD), and a Demonstration in Ottawa on January 18 to build awareness of the CNSC hearings that begin on January 23. 

The NPD issue is our Next Big Thing. The information in this Bulletin is very important and is to alert you to what is at stake. Once again we will be asking our cottagers, Sheen friends, and neighbours to submit their thoughts on this project to the CNSC. Deadline is February 13. Please read the section down below to give you some preliminary information so that you understand what is at stake (once again!). We are well aware that we are wearing you down in this perfect storm of three major nuclear issues in the last two years.  

If you want to help your non-subscribing friends to be updated, or if you have missed or misplaced some Bulletins yourself, all the news can be found on this page at the OFWCA website:

The CNSC License Hearings, Pembroke, January 23–25


The hearings regarding the renewal of the CNL Operating License were originally scheduled for two days, but an extra day has been added due to the wide public response. The meetings will take place at the Best Western in Pembroke, right off Highway 17, so that is the centre of activity. 


Licensing Hearings 

CNSC is drawing up a new Chalk River site license. Our ally from the Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County, Ole Hendrickson, and others have identified major changes in this new license that are very disconcerting.  First, it is for 10 years (the previous license was for 5 years).  As well, the CNSC is eliminating many of the previous regulations that were there to protect the public and the environment. What this means is that the CNSC’s oversight of CNL’s activities will be reduced even more. We must not let this happen. 


Here is the schedule of oral and written presentations for the Public Hearing in Pembroke re: the proposed new 10-year license for Chalk River. 

Click here for presentation schedule

We hope some of you will be able to attend even if you are not presenting. Joann McCann will be doing the OFWCA presentation, and there will be some other people you know presenting as well. I will certainly be cheering all presentations in opposition to this new license.  


Take note that the public hearing will be webcast live and will be available on the CNSC website for 90 days at:


We have booked 2 rooms (side by side) for all three days of the hearing (Rooms 302 & 304) where you will be most welcomed. If you can help out in any way during the hearings, please get in touch with Lynn Jones (Lynn is making plans, and we will be hoping for some media attention):


All 88 interventions for the upcoming public hearing can be viewed on the website of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission at this link:


Approximately two-thirds of these interventions express serious concerns about the length of the proposed license, extensive deletion of license conditions, weakening of regulatory oversight, and other matters.  


Here are some highlights that Lynn Jones and Ole Hendrickson have put together:


Submission from W. Turner, D. Raman, J. Walker

Former AECL scientists, including a former director of Safety Engineering and Licensing, highlight instability in CNL management, lack of knowledge of key regulations and international obligations, and lack of open and transparent public engagement. The submission concludes as follows:

“This evaluation raises questions as to whether CNL “... is qualified to carry on the activity that the licence will authorize the licencee to carry on…” and “We respectfully submit that a decision by the Commission to grant a 10-year licence to CNL would be an unsafe and unsound decision.”


Submission from the Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area (CCRCA)

Prepared by Dr. Ole Hendrickson, and supported by intervenor funding from the CNSC, this submission provides a detailed analysis of proposed deletions from the site license and license condition handbook. It also asks, "Why do the proposed CRL licence and license condition handbook contain sweeping changes that would reduce regulatory oversight, and why do CNSC staff provide no information about these changes, or their implications?"


Submission from the Canadian Environmental Law Association

Filed in support of the CCRCA submission. Notes that half of current license conditions are proposed for deletion. States “the level of generality and vagueness being introduced into the text of this legal instrument, and the accompanying licence condition handbook, is an open invitation for non-compliance." It also requests that the CNSC issue an order rejecting the CNL site licence renewal application as submitted by CNL and endorsed by CNSC staff;


Submission from the Old Fort William Cottagers’ Association

States “This is definitely not the time for the CNSC to modify, eliminate, or substantially weaken any of the current regulations… All reporting and record keeping requirements should be maintained…” and “A 10-year license has not been granted before for CRL. OFWCA questions why it would even be considered now. Why would the license be longer than CNL’s contract, which comes up for renewal in three years — in 2021? … We strongly urge CNSC to limit a new license to a maximum of three years or to extend the current license for a maximum of three years ending in 2021."


Submission from the Ottawa Riverkeeper

Warns that some proposed licence changes may be “intentional to enable the NSDF,” citing the example of “the removal of the prohibition of controlled liquid waste releases to the ground,” adding that “Ottawa Riverkeeper is not supportive of the plans to collect, treat and release polluted water from the NSDF into the groundwater table.”


Submission from J. P. Unger, Ottawa

Points out that the lead Canadian member of the consortium that owns CNL, SNC Lavalin, is currently debarred from the World Bank for 10 years and facing charges in Canada for fraud, bribery and corruption, and that the consortium member CH2M has been convicted in the United States of fraud.


We need to be heard loud and clear at this hearing!  



News from Lynn Jones, Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area

Activities outside the hearing room at the Best Western, January 23-25

Plans for many activities are coming together with lots of inspiration and enthusiasm from Jean Brereton, Kendra Smith, Deedee Sanderson, folks at Morninglory, and others. There will be music and singing, readings from the giant scroll of license deletions by a Town Crier, and a canoe march, up and around the intersection of Highways 17 and 41. 


If a schedule of events is published, we will let you know.

Please send Lynn Jones an email if you would like to attend and/or help with any of the activities. 


Special request to folks in the Pembroke area** 

We need space to cook, and some beds for out of town visitors! Please get in touch with Lynn Jones if you can help.


Lynn Jones

Concerned Citizens

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Please share this info with any of your friends and neighbours who might be interested.



Decommissioning NPD Rolphton: Deadline to write a letter to CNSC is February 13, 2018

CNL submitted the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the NPD project at Rolphton on November 15. Learn about NPD. Write a letter to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission as you did this past summer regarding the NSDF. The deadline is February 13, 2018.  Many of our learned scientists are as concerned about this NPD project as they are about the “NSDF” at Chalk River. As the EIS is reviewed, we may well learn more reasons why this should be stopped. We will keep you posted.


Find all information here about Rolphton and why it is a bad plan. This PDF contains information on who to write to/email address at CNSC before February 13 (PDF is 5 pages and has been updated from an earlier version).

Click here for NPD Rolphton Info



Public Assembly and March, Ottawa, January 18 


March in Ottawa, January 18 at 11 am. The march will start outside the Centre Block of Parliament Hill, where we are holding a press conference (inside) from 10:30 to 11:00. We will march from Parliament Hill, through some downtown streets, to the CNSC headquarters and City Hall, and possibly to Catherine McKenna's constituency office. We will carry one ultralight canoe decorated with signs (we are hoping for a red one; if you know of one we could borrow, please let us know:, and hand out postcards. With the press conference and march we are hoping to get some media attention in order to attract some national media to come to Pembroke for the hearing. But it will also be a good opportunity to inform new people. We will hand out postcards along the route.

That's the news! 

Best from Sheentown!


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